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Ilysveil: You Can Only Observe

Taking place in the Ilysveil universe is my first publication in a magazine. Follow the investigations of Corvus Morgenstern and Mira Chelavye as they confront a death intertwined with clan politics.

Seal No Evil, Here No Evil - Chapter 1

This will be a chapter by chapter web novel in the Destiny Universe, set in a future of Essence ability users long after Destiny Dimension: Paradox.

1: The Divine Hand Ellie strolled down the market street sidewalk humming a tune. The spring breeze felt refreshing as it danced through her diverse golden brown hair. She held the hem of her red skirt to keep it in place with one hand while holding a premium white box of strawberry cheesecake in the other. “Whoo hoo! Full marks on the Essention exam! Time for a reward!” she gleefully said. A student in dark blue uniform said to his compatriots, “Was that Ellie Mavelin?” “That genius from the Mars district? No way. She probably just looks like her,” another student said. It seems I’ve gotten famous for whatever reason. Ellie didn’t hate the attention, but it did feel rather awkward to hear others talk about her like some sort of celebrity. Ellie turned her head at a sound. A black suited motorcyclist carrying a pink handbag sped down the road t…

Chapter 5 of Stand Alone Realm

The fifth chapter in the minimalist puzzle game has been released. Search for truth and dispel the lies in this puzzle of intrigue.