Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Seal No Evil, Here No Evil - Chapter 2

2: Unseen and Forgotten
            Levius Ouroboros hurriedly walked along the busy street. He slipped past businessmen in suits and students in uniform as he made his way to the crosswalk. Ten minutes left until class. I’d rather not create any more time discrepancies. Just as he thought that, he bumped into a man in a baseball cap carrying a soda. Orange juice spilled all over Levius’s sparkly silver vest and black pants. Levius closed his eyes.
            He was back on the busy street, and he turned his head, his messy black hair ruffled by the wind, to verify that his clothes were clean. He spotted the man with the soda heading toward him, and this time avoided him. He raised his lanky arm and reset his analog watch. I can’t go ten minutes without a time leap, can I? If only the Neuro Chip’s digital time didn’t give an error every time I use my powers.
            Levius stood at the edge of the crosswalk along with other students and workers, waiting for the walk light to turn green. A swarm of sleek, teardrop shaped cars and boxy trucks zoomed by in front of him. The rows of glass skyscrapers glittered with blinding sunlight like an unnecessarily bright hall of mirrors. A truck sped toward him in the distance. It swerved left and right. Smoke poured out of the auto-pilot console in the front. It collided with a small red car at the intersection just as Levius closed his eyes.
            A small crowd of people appeared out of nowhere and blinked at the edge of the cross walk. The truck crashed into the red car, and the cars behind it smashed into the pile up. Shards of glass scattered amidst the fireball of warped metal. All the people that had been in the cars had vanished and appeared at the crosswalk.
            Levius walked onward toward his class at the other end of the crosswalk. Nobody saw his deed, but he hadn’t done it for fame or anything. He still wished, however, that someone would acknowledge his power. As usual, life’s a single player game for me, huh?
            He arrived at a large, cathedral-like building built out of stone, a conspicuous sight in a city of modern white cubes and glass walls. He entered the lecture hall within, two minutes late. Perhaps no one would’ve made a big deal of it, but his street clothes stood in stark contrast to the black jacket and red bottoms that the other students wore.
            “I see you’re late, Mr. Ouroboros,” Professor Quillian said. “As usual you don’t seem to be taking class seriously.” The fiery bushy-haired professor put his hands on his hips. Even though he stood far below Levius at the center of the auditorium, his tall figure made it feel as if he was towering over Levius.
            “Well, I’m here.” Levius didn’t give into the intimidation.
            “Anyway, just stand over there with the other outliers,” he said, pointing to a group of three at the edge of the auditorium stage.
            Levius walked down the steps toward the podium. The TAs were holding signs that read, “Elemental Manipulation,” “Energy Flow,” “Sensory Abilities,” “Mind and Extrasensory,” “Physical”, and “Natural Forces.” The hundred or so students in class had separated and gathered around the TA who represented their ability category. Why does it feel like I just got tossed in a miscellaneous bin? He joined the three that weren’t in any of those groups.
            The fair-skinned girl with emerald eyes and gold-brown hair reached out for a handshake. “Hi, I’m Ellie Mavelin. Nice to meet you.”
            Levius accepted the handshake but couldn’t bring himself to smile. He wasn’t used to such things, possibly a consequence of viewing life as a “single player” experience. “Uh… hello. I’m Levius Ouroboros. By the way, Ellie… Aren’t you the rumored genius from Mars? What are you doing in the outlier group?”
            She scratched her head and chuckled. “Well, I’m kind of like natural forces, but no one’s been able to classify my ability under gravity, nuclear, or magnetism yet.”
            A short red-head with bubbly round eyes jumped in. “My turn! Hi, I’m Yuria Engels. I scored very high on my aptitude tests, but my ability hasn’t awakened yet. It’s going to be awesome when it does!”
            “Nice to meet you too.” Levius turned his head to the man with frameless glasses. His graceful figure leaned back on the wall. “And who are you?”
            The man brushed up his finely combed blond hair with his hand and smiled. “I’m Delchwin Aehther. I’m from the Tactics Department, so I don’t have an Essence ability.” He stood up straight. “And what are you here for?”
            The Aehther clan? They look so arrogant on TV too. I guess it runs in the family. “My ability is unclassified and unverified. I can time leap and do a time injunction, that is, stop time.”
            “No way! Does an ability like that really exist?” Yuria leapt up to him excitedly.
            She didn’t mean any harm, but Levius felt a dull pain in his chest. It was only natural that nobody believed an ability that couldn’t be measured or seen. “It does. Though I can’t prove it.”
            Ellie chimed in. “We’re all outliers anyway. What does it matter? If your ability works, then it works.”
            Delchwin pushed his glasses up his nose. “I agree. The only thing that matters is results. If your ability is as you claim, then we’ll have a huge leg up in the rankings.”
            A fire burst out from the other side of the room. One of the students from the elemental manipulation group had played with fire, and now the fire was playing with him. Another student drew water out of multiple bottles and poured it on the fire. Steam and smoke rose from the burnt patch of carpeting. All four of them were glad they weren’t with that group.
            Quillian clapped his hands. “Alright everyone. Form groups of five or six. Try to have people from different ability groups. Cooperation between different abilities will be key to your assignments. After all, the strength of an Essence and thus your ability comes from the strength of the connections to other Essences. Note that these groups will remain for the rest of the semester and will be used for your team rankings.” He turned to the outliers. “And you folks can form a group or whatever.”
            “Ugh… It seems Professor Quillian doesn’t like us,” Ellie said.
            “Apparently his section is the only one with outliers, so perhaps he thinks he got the short end of the stick,” Delchwin said.
            “That’s kind of mean. It’s not our fault we’re not classified,” Yuria said.
            Quillian went from group to group checking them off and registering them and assigning anyone who didn’t have a group to a group with less than five members.
            “Alright class, your first assignment is—”
A red light flashed, painting the room in panic. The mob of students squirmed nervously. “The Inverse alarm?” a student said.
“It’s in the city? What’s Security doing?” another said.
            “Everyone stay calm and gather near the podium!” the professor said.
            “I have to go!” Ellie said, dashing to the emergency exit at the side of the room.
            “What are you doing?” Levius said as he chased after her.
            “Come back here you two. Getting involved with that is just asking to disappear,” Delchwin said. They didn’t listen, so he chased after them.
            “Don’t leave me behind!” Yuria said, running after them with a form like a puppet made out of gelatin.

            “Get back here, you idiots!” Professor Quillian yelled to no avail.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ilysveil: You Can Only Observe

Taking place in the Ilysveil universe is my first publication in a magazine. Follow the investigations of Corvus Morgenstern and Mira Chelavye as they confront a death intertwined with clan politics.

Seal No Evil, Here No Evil - Chapter 1

This will be a chapter by chapter web novel in the Destiny Universe, set in a future of Essence ability users long after Destiny Dimension: Paradox.

1: The Divine Hand
Ellie strolled down the market street sidewalk humming a tune. The spring breeze felt refreshing as it danced through her diverse golden brown hair. She held the hem of her red skirt to keep it in place with one hand while holding a premium white box of strawberry cheesecake in the other.
“Whoo hoo! Full marks on the Essention exam! Time for a reward!” she gleefully said.
A student in dark blue uniform said to his compatriots, “Was that Ellie Mavelin?”
“That genius from the Mars district? No way. She probably just looks like her,” another student said.
It seems I’ve gotten famous for whatever reason. Ellie didn’t hate the attention, but it did feel rather awkward to hear others talk about her like some sort of celebrity.
Ellie turned her head at a sound. A black suited motorcyclist carrying a pink handbag sped down the road toward Ellie then passed her. A confused woman down the road was yelling something. Ellie immediately understood and spun around to see the motorcycle speeding off. She raised her hand in front of her and focused on the image of the biker. The man in black drifted into the air as if pulled by an unseen force, while the motorcycle jetted off and crashed into a street light. The man struggled in the air pointlessly.
She walked up to him and tugged her finger. The handbag flew from the man’s hand and into hers. The woman down the street had finally caught up, out of breath. She wore a long white and pink dress matching the handbag.
“Here you are ma’am,” Ellie said, giving her the handbag.
The woman accepted it and said, “Thank you very much. It’s not much, but here’s my card. I’m with the Central Committee of University City. If you come here, I can offer you something you might like.” She showed Ellie a holographic card.
A virtual translucent display appeared in front of Ellie upon seeing it. “Scan complete. Card logged,” it said. The white rectangle then faded away.
“Have you scanned it?” the woman asked.
“Ah, yes. Thank you… Ms. Shanatto? I hope I pronounced that correctly,” Ellie said.
“You did, don’t worry. Good day to you, Ms. Mavelin,” Ms. Shanatto said, leaving under the shadow of her sun umbrella.
“Huh? How did she know me? Am I really that famous?”
Police vans appeared down the road and were approaching the scene. Oh right. I wrecked the street light, didn’t I? Time to get out of here. Ellie left the unconscious man in the black suit and dashed off out of sight toward her dorm.
At the unassuming brick rectangle of a building that was her dorm, Ellie walked up to the twin wooden doors where a red-headed young lady in a school uniform was waiting.
“Excuse me, can I help you?” Ellie asked.
The short woman turned around. She wore the gold-yellow jacket and grey skirt of Saint Airomi Women’s University. “Oh, I just transferred to Sanshen University, but it seems I’m not registered with the dorm system yet. Maybe it’ll recognize me if I put on your uniform’s jacket?” she said, pointing at Ellie’s black jacket.
“I live here. Don’t worry about it. It’ll get sorted out soon, I’m sure.” Ellie went next to the door. At the side, a grey panel flashed green after verifying her identity through her Neuro Chip. She pushed the door open.
“Thank you. I’m Yuria Engels, transferring in as a first year by the way,” she said.
“Nice to meet you. I’m Ellie Mavelin. Also a first year.” The doors closed behind them. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Chapter 5 of Stand Alone Realm

The fifth chapter in the minimalist puzzle game has been released. Search for truth and dispel the lies in this puzzle of intrigue. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zecharixs.sar

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stand Alone Realm

Stand Alone Realm is a minimalist puzzle game following Alice's journey through the Ascendant Plane. Much like the inspiration for Alice, there's a focus on logic and combinatoric thinking. It also takes place in the Destiny Universe and is a work in progress.

Destiny Universe

The first novel in the Destiny Dimension series, follow the adventures of Airomi as she navigates the political turmoil of her past and her future as the Essention of Destiny.